As we close in on the end of the first chapter of the Valace Saga, additional time was needed to prepare.


So I present to you the first of our Zero Sessions, as Ash sits down with Ryan who plays Makau just after he first created everyone's favorite Druid from  the circle of politeness.

As the gang tries to infiltrate an odd dance gathering, things turn south and Delcaro, Hank, and Makau attempt to flee to the material plane. But as they awake back in the real world, they find their surroundings to be... less than hospitable. 

This episode! Delcaro devises a plan to escape the dragon Erinos' wrath, Hank filibusters to explore a dangerous new dungeon, and Makau gets her first clue as to the whereabouts of Retekest. 

Hank, Delcaro and Makau take their hits as the gang faces off against the mysterious goblinoid only referred to as Bagrat. 

But to their dismay, much more disturbing beasts lie sleeping deeper in the tomb of kings.

After narrowly escaping the clutch of the Nightmare Lord on Hank's magical horse, Ecclesiastes, the Trio makes their way deep into the bowels of the Morgue Dungeon to face off with their most deadly foe yet - Bagrat. 

Makau is almost given away. Delcaro is forced to dance. Hank flails wildly. This episode hits every mark that Hank misses. 

The fellas hit the Nightmare Realm, and fight a dinosaur. It's rad. 

After meeting Ku'Rah, the guys find themselves in pitched combat in the pit of totally random magic!

Trusting Cam, the fellas find themselves in quite a pickle. Will they find the elusive Ku'Rah?

Approaching  the Labyrinthine Drow city of Aethal An'Arith, Delcaro, Hank and Makau find temporary respite in the complex war city.


Desperately trying to prevent Delcaro from becoming the subject of experimentation, the gang entrusts Cam, another figure from Hanks world who puts them in a world of danger.

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