Approaching  the Labyrinthine Drow city of Aethal An'Arith, Delcaro, Hank and Makau find temporary respite in the complex war city.


Desperately trying to prevent Delcaro from becoming the subject of experimentation, the gang entrusts Cam, another figure from Hanks world who puts them in a world of danger.

Makau, Hank and Delcaro return, faced with battle hungry Lizardfolk Monks as they clear their path to the Blackwing Mining Company.


Faced with deep darkness as they go further and further underground, they soon realize they are a wanted commodity. 

Bringing Arzaz back from the brink of death, the party inquires further about his suppliers and what lies ahead the Sunken Flower Swamp. Revealing a hidden path to them to the Blackwing Mining Company through a cave on the far side of the swamp.

Just as the party arrives, a few spurts of bad luck turn a simple path towards their goal into a treacherous journey. 

With the death of Librarian Riccards, the party is forced to journey outside of Solmere. To the dismay of pretty much everyone, Hank, Delcaro and Makau seek out the drug dealer Arzaz to get some questions answered and find themselves in the midst of a drug deal gone awry.

Recently resurrected Hank Howard, Delcaro Mortis and Makau are thrust together to figure out how they died, who brought them back, and who is the mysterious Ku'Rah. Taking up shelter in the outlaw town of Solmere, the citizens who haven't slept in months give little reprieve. 


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